C. Program Content Outline

Main Presentation Points

1. Becoming A DJ

2. The Rules

3. Discipline, Warnings and Dismissals

4. Prepare a Program

5. On The Air

6. After Your Show

1. Becoming a DJ.

a. Meet with station manager

b. Volunteer at CIVL Radio

c. Listen to CIVL Radio

d. Learn about policy

e. Book technical training time

f. Brainstorm program concept and record demo

g. Submit demo/proposal to Programming Committee

2. The Rules

a. General Rules

b. The Studios

c. Programmer Contract

d. Big Rules To Remember
(1) We will not tolerate any form of abuse.
(2) Station Property
(3) Misrepresentation
e. The Studios
(1) Food and drink
(2) Keep your noise levels down
(3) Only Authorized persons afterhours
(4) Leave on-air DJ alone
(5) Don’t tamper with the mixing board.
f. Programmer Contract

We will provide you with a copy. Please read and sign.

3. Discipline, Warnings And Dismissals

a. Warning Systems

b. Why Warnings are issued

c. Discipline, Warnings And Dismissals

d. Serious Violations

e. Dismissals in Writing

f. Appeals

4. Program Basics

a. Block Programming

b. Research and Resources

c. Radio Clocks

d. Logsheet

e. Program Intro

f. Station IDs

g. Public Service Announcements

h. Paid Advertisments

5. Preparing a Music Show

a. CanCon and Hits

b. Cancon Requirements


d. Top-40

e. Format

6. Preparing a Spoken-word Show

a. News and Opinion

b. Religious Broadcasting

c. Political Broadcasting

7. On The Air

a. Four-letter Words

b. Spoken Word in a Music Show

c. Third-Language Programming

d. Telephone Calls

e. Complaints

f. Watch What You Say and Play

g. Slander

h. Bias and Balance

8. Specific On Air Requirements

a. Signing On and Off

b. Other On-Air Stuff

c. Gear Issues

9. After Your Show

a. Logsheets

b. All information must be written down

c. All Segment


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