E. CIVL Radio Rules

101.7 CIVL Radio Rules

I. The Big Ones:

These are black-and-white rules, with no exceptions, and if broken even once, they can lead to immediate dismissal from 88.5 CIVL Radio and/or investigation by outside authorities. This is the heavy part, but thankfully it is brief!

1. We will not tolerate any form of abuse.

2. Station Property, from computers to CDs, is exactly that – station property. Absolutely nothing may be removed from the premises, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, without the knowledge and permission of management.

3. Misrepresentation, using 88.5 CIVL Radio for personal gain or making unauthorized promises to anyone about the station’s role or activities will not be tolerated. This includes trying to use your role or position to secure CD’s for personal or even station use. All representation must go through management.

II. The station in General:

These are more general, all-around rules that are grounded in common sense, but that are no less important.

1. We are at all times responsible for maintaining a safe, clean environment throughout the building at all times. Please keep mess to a minimum and pick up after yourself.

2. Using the library filing system properly and considerately is particularly important when it comes to housekeeping. Please re-file your music quickly and accurately after your show. There is nothing worse than trying to find a miss-filed (or un-filed) title in a hurry!

3. Station equipment, especially the computers and CD burner, is for use by staff and volunteers only! They can be used for personal projects during “down time,” but station business gets priority every time. Station-purchased blank CDs are for station use only; if you are recording for any reason you are expected to supply your discs. Also, any use of station equipment for personal financial gain can result in immediate dismissal (or if you are getting into copyright issues that involve a third party, much worse!). In addition, downloading of software onto any station computers is not allowed without permission from management. Should you accidentally install something, tell management immediately so we can clear the computer up.

4. Speaking of volunteer-only situations, we all have to be very careful about protecting our building and its contents. On the premises keep an eye out for people who are not volunteers especially around the media lock-up and the studios. The doors must by kept locked after business hours and/or if you are the only person in the building, and each show host is responsible for letting the next host in and then relocking the door. When someone heads out after completing an after-hours program, the host who is doing the next show must lock the door as soon as the first person leaves.

5. Parking spaces provided by UFV will be available on a first come first serve basis for the day.  Remember, if you don’t have a parking pass, UFV will give you a ticket. CIVL Radio is not responsible for any damage or stolen items from the vehicles. Programmers are responsible for their own personal safety to and from the vehicle. UFV security does provide accompaniment to the vehicles if informed in advance.

6. Behave in an appropriate manner in the lounge, for example – don’t make lots of noise during a spoken word show.

7. Smoking, of course, is not permitted in the radio building, and smokers are encouraged to use the ashtray, and smoke at least 15 feet from the door. It goes without saying that, without exception, alcohol and drugs are off limits in the building.

8. We will have a budget for show-related long-distance telephone calls, but please keep in mind that permission must be obtained for long-distance calls of any kind, show-related or otherwise.

9. Remember that, as a broadcaster, you can find yourself “under the microscope” a lot of the time: Always do your best to conduct yourself in the best possible light, especially when you are out in the community, because that reflects upon the radio station and everyone who works here. Often, it is not “what” we actually do; it is what we “appear” to be doing that people focus upon – weird, even frustrating, but very true. In public, avoid criticizing other media, reacting to someone who may criticize you or 101.7 CIVL Radio, or leaving someone with a negative impression of you (and therefore the station). A real sense of teamwork will do wonders for us, in and outside the station, and its best to take a nasty PR problem to the manager, who will deal with it accordingly.  One of our concerns is that the public recognizes 101.7 CIVL Radio as a different entity than UFV; however, the public may not pick up on this right away.  Don’t be shy to let people know that your show is only related to the students at UFV, and not the institution UFV.

III. The Studios:

This is where the magic happens, so many of these points are especially important and could almost qualify as “biggies.”

1. Food and drink are not permitted in either of the studios at any time, in exception of water in water bottles with lid on at all times when not drinking.

2. It is particularly important that noise levels be guarded, in and around the studios.

3. Only authorized personnel are permitted in the radio station after regular Monday-to-Friday business hours. Only authorized personnel are permitted in the studios, at any time of day or night. This includes show hosts and co-hosts who are active 101.7 CIVL Radio volunteers, show guests who have been cleared by management, and volunteers who are observing as part of the training program. Even guests who have permission to be here are the full responsibility of the volunteers who have brought them to the station. Guests are only allowed in the lounge and in the booths (and then only when you are with them). Guests are never allowed in the offices or in the media lock-up.

4. Except when the station business requires it, visiting and chatting with hosts who are on the air is not acceptable. This can be highly distracting for the host, whether he or she believes it or not, and socializing must be conducted at another time and place.

5. With the exception of the obvious – channel faders and volume controls on the board, for example – equipment settings must not be tampered with. Most of the levels have been pre-set for a reason and can be adjusted only by an authorized engineer.


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