L. Volunteer Agreement

CIVL Radio Programmer’s Contract

As a programmer at CIVL, I ______________________________________ (Please Print) acknowledge that I am aware of and accept my responsibilities as follows:

1. I will keep up-to-date and abide by all station policies and procedures, including attending programmers’ meetings and reading management posts to the e-group and/or reading all items posted on the Programmers’ Board at the station.

2. I will arrive at the station at least 30 minutes prior to the start of my show. Please add another 15 minutes for the parking. CIVL Radio is not responsible for any damage or stolen items from the vehicles. Programmers are responsible for their own personal safety to and from the vehicle. UCFV security does provide accompaniment to the vehicles if informed in advance.

3. I will complete in easily legible writing the required music logs, traffic logs and any other tracking requirements as directed by management.  Music logs must contain the Artist, Song Title and Album Title (or legal download website) for each song played.

4. I will adhere to all CRTC regulations as they pertain to my program including, but not limited to, Canadian content, spoken word requirements, language content and any other material that may be deemed offensive or obscene based on Part 1.1, Section 3 of the CRTC Broadcast Act (Appendix A of this contract).  The full Broadcast Act can be found at http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/statues.htm.

5. I will turn off my cell phone, black berry, PDAs or any other communication equipment at all times while using the studios of CIVL Radio.

6. I will not, nor will any guest of mine, engage in any derogatory or profane language within the station and studios, and on air.

7. I will not, nor will any guest of mine, bring or consume any illegal substance or alcohol in or near the station.  I will not, nor will any guest of mine, be under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol in or near the station.

8. I will not, nor will any guest of mine, bring food or drink into the on-air studio, with the exception of water in water bottles with the lid on at all times when not drinking.  I will ensure the studio will be clean, organized and presentable for the next host(s).

9. I accept responsibility for all guests I bring into the station and studio and accept responsibility for their actions both in the station and on-air.

10. I will be aware of the station premises and ensure the station is secured if I am the last person leaving the station at any time, or during non-station office hours.

11. I will find an appropriate guest host when I cannot host my show and inform the Programmer Manager (or the Station Manager if there is not a Programmer Manager at the time) by one week prior to the show.  Guest hosts must be a CIVL trained programmer and must be approved by the Programmer Manager (or the Station Manager if there is no Programmer Manager at the time) on a case-by-case basis unless the guest host is currently a CIVL programmer.  Guest hosts must be current CIVL members in good standing.  Guest hosts must program a show similar to the usual content of that show.  If a suitable guest host cannot be found by one week prior to the show then the Programmer Manager (or the Station Manager if there is no Programmer Manager) will decide how to fill the time slot.

12. I will request any extended Leave of Absence (LOA) in writing and will get it approved by the Programmer Manager or the Station Manager in the absence of the Programmer Manager. There are no guarantees of current program time slot will be available on any LOA absence that extent beyond 2 months. Any leave of absence after 6 months will be considered as a new programmer and subject to the approval of the CIVL Radio’s programming policies.

13. I will provide a minimum of two weeks notice to the Programmer Manager of any change to my show including, but not limited to, name, format, host(s) and cancellation.  The Programmer Manager must approve changes before they are enacted.  If requested by the Programmer Manager a new show proposal may be requested.

14. I understand that I may sell advertising during my show with the following applicable conditions:

a. I will discuss the client and creative copy content with the Programmer Manager and/or the Station Manager and/or the Sales Manager for approval before an agreement is signed with the client.

b. I will be responsible for collecting the advertising invoice in total for the broadcast month before a client on-air date, with the responsibility of 50% of the collected amount to be given to the station before the on-air date.

c. Any advertising will be scheduled under the guidelines of the policies of CIVL radio.

d. It is my responsibility to ensure that all creative on-air announcements are approved in writing by the advertiser before on-air.

e. In respect to “Self promotion” on air, I will at all times self promote within a reasonable amount of air time nothing exceeding 30 seconds, and have all self promotion information pre-approved by either the Programmer Manager, or the Station Manager. If it is deemed necessary, either of the two persons approving, may request said approval in writing.  It is understood that self promotion would be of non commercial information, with the exception of a business location to be used only as a venue, and within limited name mentions. Any further clarification can be discussed with either the Programmer Manager or the Station Manager.

15. I will report any equipment or component malfunctions promptly to management via the Studio/On-Air Problem Report form located in studio binders located in each studios.  I will never undertake any repairs, modifications or changes to any device or software program without the express approval of the Technical Director, the Programmer Manager or the Station Manager.

16. I will maintain my annual CIVL membership as a precondition of my status as a programmer/D.J.

17. I understand that any contesting, prize giveaways, non paid client name and product name references will be pre-approved by Station Management before being scheduled on-air.

18. I will notify management of any conflicts, concerns or issues that may affect my duty as a programmer or that may affect another programmer or the station. I will not broadcast on air, give comments on, any conflict, grievance, or business matters that pertains to internal activities of the station. (i.e. technical, management, volunteers, in house operations  etc.) This kind of behavior will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate suspension. CIVL Radio believes this is an unnecessary behavior/talk, and that the listener is not interested in these matters.

19. I will volunteer as needed to assist the station with activities such as community promotions, CIVL events and other activities that may be scheduled.

20. I will do my part to keep the station clean and neat in appearance whenever I am in the station.

21. I will show proper etiquette and respect to my fellow programmers, management, station guest and visitors, station and to all station property.

22. I will abide by all policies and procedures set out, and will maintain a positive representation of the radio station (CIVL 88.5) at all times on-air, on campus and in the community.

23. My responsibility to CIVL is not limited to the above outlined conditions, but that other conditions may be added/amended to this agreement with due notice.

I understand that my show will be evaluated as needed by management based on but not limited to, the “CIVL Programmer Evaluation” Appendix B.

I understand that failure to comply with the terms of this contract may result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by management.  Such action may include:

a.                   Suspension for a period as determined on a case by case basis;

b.                  Removal of my program(s) from the schedule;

c.                   Loss of station privileges.

I understand that I have the right to appeal a management decision to the Board of Directors.

Signature Date
Phone #1
Phone #2

Preferred method of contact (Circle one):  Phone/Email

____________________________                ____________________________________

Authorized Station Representative                     Date



PART 1.1 of CRTC Radio Regulations

CRTC Broadcasting Content

3.                  A licensee shall not broadcast

a.       anything in contravention of the law;

b.      any abusive comment that, when taken in context, tends to or is likely to expose an individual or group or class of individuals to hatred or contempt on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or mental or physical disability;

c.       any obscene or profane language;

d.      any false or misleading news; or

e.       any telephone interview or conversation, or any part thereof, with any person unless

i.      the person’s oral or written consent to the interview or conversation being broadcast was obtained prior to the broadcast, or

ii.      the person telephoned the station for the purpose of participating in a broadcast.

3.1              For the purposes of paragraph 3(b), sexual orientation does not include the orientation towards any sexual act or activity that would constitute an offence under the Criminal Code.

Note regarding clause 3(c) above:

Obscenity and profanity on CIVL will be taken in context when evaluated by CIVL management.


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