B. Orientation Outline

Main Presentation Points

1. What CIVL Radio Is.

2. What kind of programs are on radio.

3. Programmer agreements and expectations.

4. How to be a programmer.

5. Question and answer period.

1. What CIVL Radio is

a. What is community/campus radio?

– A Community Radio Station

– Student-funded

– A member of the National Campus and Community Radio Association

b. CIVL Radio’s Mission, Values and Goals

-Society Act

-The Greater Good


c. Brief History of CIVL Radio

-Society Act

-Internet Broadcasting/Podcasting

-101.7 FM

d. Structure of CIVL Radio

-Volunteer Groups




e. Other Campus and Community Radio Stations

-101.9 CiTR – UBC

-90.1 CJSF – SFU

-102.7 CFRO –Vancouver Co-op Radio

2. What Kind of programs does CIVL Radio have?

a. Spoken Word

b. Music

c. Mixture

d. Syndicated

e. Brief on-air requirements

3. Expectations of Programmers

a. The CRTC.

b. CIVL Radio’s Broadcasting License

c. Volunteer Agreement.

d. Volunteering at CIVL Radio.

e. Being on air is a privilege.

4. Steps to Becoming a Programmer

a. Come to the next class

b. Volunteer at CIVL Radio

c. Book technical training time

d. Brainstorm program concept

e. Make a demo and write a proposal

f. Submit demo/proposal to Programming Committee


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