H. Program Proposals

CIVL Program Proposal

The purpose of this proposal is for you, the prospective CIVL programmer, to give the CIVL Programming Committee a clear idea of what your show will sound like: the content it will cover, and the format.

1. Give a general description of the show. For example. Is it primarily a music based show, or talk show? What is the Scope of the topics/genres? How will the show be structured?

2. Describe a specific show. List specific pieces of music, possible guests, history segments, readings etc. It is not necessary to include a script instead just an outline of 2 minutes of biographical info on your show information.

3. State the aim and objective of the show- what you hope to achieve through the show. Why should this show be a part of CIVL’s Program Schedule?

4. Are you planning/proposing selling commercial involvement during your show? Yes/No. If yes, please outline a/suggested clients you will be contacting.

5. You will need to provide a demo for the programming committee. You will need to learn how to do this during your technical training appointment, to be scheduled.

Bring your proposal and demo to the station, Attention: Programming Committee, or programmingcommittee@civl.ca

Thank you!


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