F. Rights and Responsibilities

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities:

Your Rights:

-The right to be shown respect.

-The right to be informed thoroughly about policies, procedures and activities of the station and the society.

-The right to receive adequate training, thus enabling you to do your job effectively.

-The right to seek guidance from a trained volunteer in an area that said volunteers skilled.

-The right to offer suggestions to the station and society and have your voice heard in planning.

-The right to bring issues to management or the Board (whichever is most appropriate), if you feel that your rights are being violated.

-The right to follow the society’s course of action in regards to harassment, grievance and the resolution of differences.

Your Responsibilities:

-To offer the organization only that which you are willing and capable to provide.

-We want you to be involved in the station, but only to the extent you can handle. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to live up to his or her commitments.

-To ask about things you don’t understand.  If you feel uninformed, please ask!

-To believe in the benefits of campus/community radio and be able to articulate them to those who ask what this type of radio is all about.

-To be reliable.

-To follow and be informed about station procedures and policies.

-To work together with volunteers, members, Board members and management in a cooperative and respectful manner.

-To respect station equipment and property.

-To contribute to the cleanliness and maintenance of the station when asked.

-To represent the station in a positive and professional way.


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